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LEGIT Mind Lab Pro Review 2024 (My Insane Results!) – Best Nootropic Supplement for Killer Creativity

mind lab pro review

I’m here to let you in on a little secret. Come closer. What if I told you you could unlock and supercharge your creative potential with one supplement? This is almost a cheat code for life and I can’t believe I’m sharing it with you.

This is my no b.s. honest Mind Lab Pro review – it’s one of the best nootropic supplements for creativity.

Not only that, it’s a supplement that’s 100% safe and natural. Your life is about to get 10x better.

Mind Lab Pro is a miracle for creative types. It directly improves all aspects of your cognition required for creativity.

Your consciousness will expand

I’m a musician, and this is my 100% first-hand account of how Mind Lab Pro changed my life. It’s a 100% user-tested Mind Lab Pro review, not some marketing hype nonsense that I’ve been paid to write. I’m a straight-shooter and I’ll pull no punches.

I want the absolute best for myself, and the absolute best for you. Everyone benefits from a more creative world.

Not only that, but I’ll also go into:

  • the correct Mind Lab Pro dosage
  • how long does Mind Lab Pro last
  • is Mind Lab Pro safe (short answer, a resounding yes)
  • how long for Mind Lab Pro to work
  • where to buy Mind Lab Pro (short answer, by clicking this link)

Again, this is not going to be some generic Mind Lab Pro review, I’ll be getting personal and giving my insights, so read on. I’ll also be answering questions in the comments, so feel free to drop them for me down below.

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Overview of Mind Lab Pro

Some of the benefits you’ll have to look forward to

I’ll be going in-depth in the Mind Lab Pro review below, but for those that are skim-reading (no shame, but you’ll also get a hell of a lot of value out of the full article, so read on), here’s a quick overview.

Mind Lab Pro is a super supplement/nootropic that has been scientifically formulated to help creative types perform at their best.

It’s 100% safe, containing only the highest-quality, research-backed, natural ingredients that are backed by hard science and facts.

Because it’s so safe, it’s also very much legal all over the world, so you can rest easy in that knowledge.

Some of the many benefits are improvement to your:

  • ability to focus intensely on tasks and get into flow state
  • mental clarity – say goodbye to brain fog!
  • memory and ability to recall short-term and long-term information
  • mood and wellbeing – a positive stress-free frame of mind
  • long-range brain health

I’ve experienced all of these and even more.

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Pretty damn amazing. Almost too good to be true, right? So now you might be asking yourself “is Mind Lab Pro legit?”. Well…

Is Mind Lab Pro Legit?

YES. 1000 times, yes.

After taking Mind Lab Pro for the last 6 months, it has created an absolute surge of creativity within me.

  • my brain feels as though it’s firing on all cylinders
  • my brain fog is gone
  • I find it easy to come up with new ideas and finish old ones
  • I have laser-focus and just a sense of knowing what the right course of action to take is
  • I feel more alive and alert in conversations
  • I feel more confident to put my ideas forward in situations like rehearsals
  • I feel so much happier and in control

This is only the beginning. It’s truly unbelievable how much of an impact one supplement can have on your life.

I Was Skeptical at First (Oh, How Wrong I Was!)

I had a lot of questions at the start and did the research, so you don’t have to

When I came across Mind Lab Pro I was extremely suspicious at first. I’ve tried so many different supplements over the last 10 years, all making bold claims about what potential they can unlock in your brain.

There are so many frauds on the internet that it’s hard not to be disheartened and frustrated.

I’ve been disappointed. I’m a massive skeptic.

I was wrong. Mind Lab Pro is legit.

If you’re reading this, then I assume some of you are skeptics too. Good on you. It’s a good trait. It helps us not fall prey to scams or be taken advantage of.

But sometimes that trait means that amazing things can pass us by because we think the incoming train isn’t going to take us to our destination. But sometimes you have to get on that train and take a leap of faith to find out.

Mind Lab Pro is backed up by literally thousands of positive user reviews, as well as scientific research into all the ingredients/supplements that go into this super-nootropic.

So I weighed up the pros and cons:

  • the cost of one bottle to potentially unlock unseen levels of creativity in myself


  • save my money, but keep going forward as I am, all the while knowing that I have so much more potential waiting to be unlocked

The potential benefits far outweighed the cons, so I decided to take the plunge.

There’s no better investment than investing into yourself and your health. Your future depends on it.

When it arrived, I was insanely excited to get started.

My First-Time Experience

nootropics mind lab pro review
That lid practically flew off, I was that excited

I excitedly opened my package and drank two of the pills with water (the recommended dosage).

Soon after, I went into my studio, picked up my guitar and started working on a song I’d been struggling with for a long time. I’m a musician and that’s how I express myself creatively. Coming up to creative roadblocks like that was a motivator for trying something new.

I had a killer chorus for this song, and I knew it, but I just couldn’t find a verse that could do the chorus justice.

I’d been banging my head against a wall for months trying a million different possibilities and none of them had felt right.

This was the day it all changed.

The Day It All Changed

A bit like this, but with way more guitars and a little less boats

I hit record and just started playing. BAM. Within a few minutes, ideas were pouring out of me. Not only did I nail the verse in that session, but I had lyrics flowing out with ease (something that always takes a long time for me), and strong ideas for another 2 songs (that I would also finish in the next couple of days).

This was nothing short of a revelation. Going to sleep that night, I had such a big smile on my face looking back on what I’d accomplished that day. And a warm glow at what the future would hold.

I could chalk it up to coincidence, but this kept being a reoccurring thing for me that hasn’t really ever stopped.

I have a new album in the works that is rapidly approaching being finished, way sooner than I thought I was capable of. I can write a new song each session with ease.

I don’t have to struggle to bust through creative blocks anymore. It’s like the door is opened and I just have to walk through it.

I also just feel so much happier and excited about my future. I’m able to complete “life tasks” a lot easier. Life doesn’t feel difficult, because I have the mental and emotional resources to tackle it head-on.

So when the creativity comes now, it surges like a tidal wave.

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Is Mind Lab Pro Safe?

mind lab pro side effects
Dr Ramon Velazquez, Ph.D. Neuroscientist – one of the scientists involved in studying Mind Lab Pro’s safety

Mind Lab Pro is 100% safe, with all 11 of the nootropics in its formulation being scientifically proven to be safe and backed by research to be effective.

I’m always nervous about this aspect when trying something new, but my anxieties were proven wrong.

Mind Lab Pro are very open and transparent about the studies that have been done. They’ve shared the exact journalistic papers that have been written about their supplement, which I read through before my first purchase.

This transparency is a huge green flag for their company and removed any trepidation that I had. I read Mind Lab Pro review after review and came to the same conclusion.

Dr Andrea Utley of Leeds University in the U.K. has conducted double-blind, placebo-controlled trials that have proven its safety and efficacy. [R]

In addition, Dr Ramon Velazquez, a Ph.D. Neuroscientist states that it “is the only nootropic supplement of its kind with a completely clean formulation and clean capsules.[R]

Are There Any Mind Lab Pro Side Effects?

Creative flow state – one of the biggest Mind Lab Pro side effects to watch out for

The “father of nootropics” Dr. Corneliu Giurgea has defined nootropics as having to be free of side effects to be considered nootropics. We’re in safe hands here.

After over 6 months of use, I’ve experienced ZERO Mind Lab Pro side effects, other than completely expanding my potential. Pretty sweet “side effect” if you ask me.

There are no stimulants, such as caffeine, in Mind Lab Pro, making it very easy on your system.

There are virtually no Mind Lab Pro side effects, and this comes from thousands of reviews.

But don’t be stupid and go taking too much at once (don’t exceed the recommended dose thinking that you’ll increase the effects – you won’t). A very small number of people have reported “mild nausea” from taking too much at once, and also fun side effects like “belching”.

If you’re prone to this, then start with a lower dose (e.g. 1 tablet instead of 2) until your body gets used to it, then increase. Or just don’t be dumb and take heaps of it at once.

Or just practice burping the alphabet. Sounds like a win to me.

Where to Buy Mind Lab Pro

You have to get it straight from the source. Mind Lab Pro is only available on their website (as they clearly state).

You will come across listings for Mind Lab Pro on Amazon, but these are fakes. Yes, they look convincing, but they’re scams. They try to reel you in by selling it cheaper, but that’s because it’s not the real deal.

Again – Mind Lab Pro is only available on the Mind Lab Pro website. They don’t stock it in any other online stores. Every other source is a fake.

I don’t think people are very aware of this, so I want to bring awareness to this fact. Mind Lab Pro has changed my life, so I hate to think that people are missing out because they’ve been sold a fake that doesn’t work and then never try it again.

Scary to think what could be in their fakes, since those aren’t legal or controlled or verified. Unfortunately, a lot of people are buying it on there and their reviews make it obvious that they’ve been sold a fake version because their accounts contrast heavily with other reviews on the internet.

Don’t be stupid and cut corners and mess with your health by getting a fake Mind Lab Pro on Amazon. Don’t get scammed. The Mind Lab Pro website is where to buy it. Get the real deal here.

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Mind Lab Pro Ingredients

mind lab pro ingredients
100% safe natural ingredients – no chemicals and nothing artificial grown in a lab

The Mind Lab Pro ingredients list is all-killer, no filler. It contains 11 powerful ingredients (no, not the 11 secrets herbs and spices that KFC flaunt – that’ll have the opposite effect!).

The main Mind Lab Pro ingredients are as follows. The extra ingredients not listed here are B-vitamins (B6, B9 & B12), so these are just the juicy ones that are doing the main work. These are the findings from that same study at Leeds University we spoke about just before:

Active IngredientScientifically Proven benefit
CiticolineImproves memory and attention
Baccopa MonieriImproves cognitive function, memory, focus and attention (even helping Alzheimer's patient and the elderly!)
Organic Lion’s Mane MushroomImproves memory and attention
L-TyrosineImproves memory and attention
PhosphatidylserineImproves memory and attention
Rhodiola RoseaReduces fatigue and stress
L-theanineImproves cognitive function
Maritime pine bark extractImproves cognitive function
N-acetylImproves cognitive function

You get all of these in just 1 convenient capsule, in the exact right amount for maximum effectiveness! That’s value for money, which is an important factor for me personally. I don’t want to have to go and buy 11 different bags or bottles of ingredients and swallow them everyday. Give me the convenient and cheaper formulation.

This makes it one of the best nootropics for creativity.

How Long for Mind Lab Pro to Work? Just 30 minutes!

All it took was 30 minutes for me to feel like my mind was blooming with new potential.

It literally felt like an engine turning on and I was ready to go. A glowing kind of feeling came with it, as if all my cells were alive. It’s similar to the glow you get after a good workout. It’s an alertness that feels amazing and allows you to conquer.

This rapid impact is a huge advantage, because you can easily time this to coincide with rehearsals, writing sessions, or just important events where you want your mind to be switched on and performing at its peak. Take your Mind Lab Pro just before and you’ll be killing it.

The only other supplement that works that quickly and effectively for me is Maca powder, which I talk about in this article right here. Definitely go grab some of that too, because that one is another life-changer. Mind Lab Pro combined with Maca powder is a revelation.

How Long Does Mind Lab Pro Last? All Freakin’ Day!

Picture an hourglass that takes an entire day to finish. That’s how long Mind Lab Pro lasts.

Its effects last all damn day for me.

The beauty of Mind Lab Pro is that its effects get amplified over time. I noticed the effects straight away, but they ramped up more and more with consistent use over the next few days/weeks/months.

I feel as though Mind Lab Pro has fundamentally improved my natural state and helped me be more ME. Unapologetically.

I’m more confident and self-assured, which is so vital for the creative process. You don’t want anxiety interrupting the flow of ideas you have. Or giving you stage fright.

The reason for all of this is that they include some adaptogens in their formulation (e.g. Lion’s Mane mushroom – no, it’s not the psychedelic mushroom, so don’t stress! This isn’t some illegal hippie substance – these are the safe type of mushrooms you eat for health).

Adaptogens are “plants and mushrooms that help your body respond to stress, anxiety, fatigue and overall wellbeing”. [R]

Basically, these build up in your system over time and have a healing effect on your body, making it stronger as the day and weeks go on.

This means the effects of Mind Lab Pro increase with consistent use. It amplifies over time as you make your mind and body stronger.

Mentally, this creates a positive feedback loop where you’re feeling better and then having positive outcomes from that, which feeds future positive outcomes because you have the self-belief that goes along with that. It soon becomes an unstoppable habit.

It’s a pretty damn awesome feeling to notice yourself improving every day, I’ll tell you that much.

The Best Mind Lab Pro Dosage to Supercharge Your Creative Potential

If you want to maximize your potential when taking Mind Lab Pro, then I’d suggest taking their recommended amount/copying my dose.

My best dosage is:

  • 2 tablets in the morning as soon as I wake up (just before eating food)
  • then 2 tablets around lunchtime.

So that’s 4 tablets a day. This is also what they recommend and I can vouch for it.

Do not take more than 4 in a 24-hour period.

You will definitely see awesome results with just the 2 tablets in the morning, but taking the extra 2 will help kick it up a notch by keeping it in your system to work its magic throughout the day. Most Mind Lab Pro reviews will say the same thing.

How to take Mind Lab Pro? They’re in capsule form, so just grab 2 at a time, put them in your mouth and drink them down with a glass of water, or juice if you prefer.

A Word of Warning – Timing Dosage and Caffeine Intake

how to take mind lab pro
Whoa, whoa, whoa – not at the same time!

I just want to finish off this Mind Lab Pro review by pointing out a slight flaw. They say on their website that you can swallow them with coffee, but I’d advise against that. I speak in-depth about that in this article here, so definitely go check that out.

They’ll still work and you’ll feel the effects, but it’s more effective to take supplements in a different window of time to consuming caffeine, as caffeine inhibits nutrient absorption in the body. [R]

I would recommend taking them before coffee, or waiting until about an hour after drinking coffee to take them and maximize their power.

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In Conclusion

mind lab pro nootropic review

And there you have my 100% honest user-backed Mind Lab Pro review. This has been nothing short of a life-changer for me. 6 months on and I feel like a different person.

I used to live in a hazy state. My brain fog was bad. It made it hard to create and get to where I wanted to go.

After bringing Mind Lab Pro into my life, I’m stronger and more capable. I’m able to create with ease. My brain fog is gone.

Every creative person out there will benefit from such a powerful nootropic. In fact, every human would. The benefits of this are universal.

It improves our creativity, but it also has an impact on every area of the things that make us human.

I truly believe the world would be an infinitely better place if all humans were feeding their brains with what it needs. Join the revolution.

If you ever wanted a secret sauce that could change your life, then here it is. Try this out and leave your own Mind Lab Pro review experience in the comments down below (you can also catch me on email if that’s more your kind of vibe), I’d love to hear from you and help alert others to the potential that they could unlock.

Be bold

Mind Lab Pro




  • improves focus and attention
  • sharp mental clarity
  • boosts mood and wellbeing
  • improves memory
  • supercharges creativity

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