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Limitless Nootropics Review 2024 + DISCOUNT Code (My WILD Results!) – BEST Nootropic for Focus & Killer Creativity

limitless nootropics review

Want to know what the best nootropic for focus is? Easy! Read my Limitless Nootropics review to learn how I destroyed my brain fog, gained laser-sharp focus, and an endless reservoir of creativity.

And even better, you can grab yourself a DISCOUNT CODE directly from me too in just a moment!

We do things differently here at The Bold Musician. We don’t just give generic technical advice for creatives. Learning the tools of the trade is important, but it’s missing the bigger picture.

We also need to fuel our body and mind with the right things, to the point that switching on creativity is as easy as flipping on a light switch.

Well, you’re about to get a HUGE edge on the competition and become part of the 1%.

We’ve talked about another miracle nootropic for creativity called Mind Lab Pro before right here. We’ve delved into other supplements for creativity.

And today, we’re excited to add Limitless Nootropics Focus to the TOP of that list, that’s how powerful it is.

Ever felt brain fog like this? Kiss those days goodbye!

Limitless Nootropics is legit and has changed my life. And it’s a game-changer for everybody (not just creatives!).

I want you to be able to live the absolute best life possible my friend, so read my full Limitless Nootropics review below for all of my personal insights. I’m also going to be diving into:

  • the best Limitless Nootropics Focus dosage
  • how long does Limitless Nootropics Focus last
  • is Limitless Nootropics Focus safe (the answer is a big fat yes!)
  • how long for Limitless Nootropics Focus to work
  • where to buy Limitless Nootropics Focus (easy peasy, just click this link)

All of this and more in my Limitless Nootropics review – buckle up.

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Overview of Limitless Nootropics Focus

limitless nootropics focus benefits

Ever find yourself struggling with brain fog? Needing to get things done, but just find your mind wandering? Feel yourself on the cusp of a burst of creativity, but distractions take you away from it?

It’s painful, right?

Well it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Limitless Nootropics Focus is a secret nootropic for focus that will allow you to produce the best work of your life. I’ve hand-tested it myself.

Limitless Nootropics is made of 8 100% natural and safe ingredients, backed up by pure science, that fuse together for powerful results. These ingredients directly improve your brain’s function and skyrocket your creativity.

It’s had a crazy amount of benefits for me, but just some of the benefits are boosts to your:

  • focus and concentration – no more getting distracted scrolling through social media when you have important stuff to do
  • mental clarity – your brain fog will vanish
  • energy levels – steady and sustained throughout the day with no huge crash
  • motivation and drive – easily accomplish more with the precious time you have on this earth

That’s what happened for me, and I guarantee it will happen for you too.

And if it doesn’t, then Limitless Nootropics offers a no questions asked, money-back guarantee. Experiment with it, and get every penny of your money refunded if you somehow don’t feel a difference. Unlikely, but you literally have nothing to lose.

Now, let’s get down to it. This isn’t going to be some shallow Limitless Nootropics review. I’m going to get real and personal with you so you can gain my exact insights into how to use this beastly nootropic for focus to change your life.

Any questions you have – drop them down in the comments. I’ll answer them for you.

Want to just save time and go grab this miracle nootropic right now?

Just click here to order some and start conquering life

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So that all sounds pretty incredible, right? Could it be too good to be true? So now you might be asking yourself “is Limitless Nootropics legit?”. Just before that though, The Bold Musician have your back, so let’s get you a Limitless Nootropics discount code, from yours truly…

Limitless Nootropics Discount Code

limitless nootropics discount code

Well, it’s your lucky day gang. You can get all of these benefits even cheaper by using my Limitless Nootropics discount code!

Just hit this link to head to limitlessnootropics.com and enter this code at checkout:


You’ll instantly get 10% off your orderand all future orders too!

Bulk ordering 2, 3 or even 4 bottles at once will also be valid for the 10% discount, so all in all, you could save yourself over $100 ordering multiple at the same time! That’s an insane saving that I’m enjoying, and now you can enjoy it too.

Now onto the Limitless Nootropics review…

Is Limitless Nootropics Legit?

Damn this is such an easy one, friends – absolutely YES, Limitless Nootropics is legit.

Firstly, Limitless Nootropics is GMP Quality Assured for stability, potency and product formulation, so you know you’re getting quality.

Now having personally used Limitless Nootropics Focus, the results have been astounding.

  • my ability to focus intensely on complex tasks has become as natural as breathing
  • my mind is crystal clear – years of brain fog is gone
  • my ability to get into a creative flow state is effortless
  • my energy levels have skyrocketed, and it feels steady and natural (no artificial peaks and troughs)
  • I have an authentic sense of confidence and fearlessness
  • my creative ideas seem to be more interesting and original
  • my mood is so much better! I don’t feel grumpy or negative all too often these days

That’s only scratching the surface. It blows my mind how huge of an impact nootropics can have on your life, and Limitless Nootropics is no different.

I Was a Skeptic to Begin With (And Glad to Be Proven Wrong)

While doing research on nootropics for focus, I stumbled across Limitless Nootropics.

I am an absolute skeptic to my core, so I’m always suspicious of big claims.

But then I read the Limitless Nootropics ingredients list and I knew straight away that they were legit. I’ve done a lot of research on supplements and nootropics over the years.

They had a lot of green flags.

Now, I hate parting with money. But I like trying new things and being on the cutting edge of new technologies and information, so I took the chance.

All I had to do was write a little pros and cons list:

  • parting with a bit of money to buy a bottle and potentially solve my focus, energy, mood and creative block problems


  • have a bit of extra money in my account, but always wondering if this could be the thing to take me to the next level, knowing that I’m not reaching my full potential

It seemed pretty clear that the pros had WAY more upside than the negative of the cons.

Regardless, Limitless Nootropics has a hassle-free refund policy. If you don’t get results, then you get your money back, no questions asked. So there was really no risk here at all.

One of my worst traits is being tight with money, but I also have this desire to always be bettering myself. I think you’re probably the same if you’re reading this.

One of the best lessons I’ve learned over the years, from being super healthy at times and then being a bit slack with my health, is that there’s no better investment you can make with your money than putting it directly into bettering your health and mental wellbeing. Your future (and present) will suck if you don’t.

With that lesson in mind, my order was on its way and I was dying to begin my experiment.

My First-Time Experience

nootropic for focus and memory

For starters, I’ve been a huge fan of Mind Lab Pro for years (you can read my full report on how it changed my life here), but in order to properly test Limitless Nootropics Focus, I did the unthinkable…

I stopped taking Mind Lab Pro for a month so I could have an accurate picture of how Limitless Nootropics affects me and write a completely unbiased Limitless Nootropics review.

That month without any nootropics was eye-opening. A lot of my old problems returned.

Brain fog, low energy, creative blocks. You name it. It was awful.

But I persisted in the name of bio-hacking and science.

When my Limitless Nootropics Focus arrived, I dropped what I was doing and drank some down with water.

It was the exact right day for it. I had a very busy and varied day ahead of me.

  1. in the morning, I had to teach some guitar lessons to my students
  2. in the early afternoon, I had to write a press release and a huge stack of emails for my new album
  3. in the late afternoon, I had an hour-long live-on-air radio interview in promotion of my upcoming album
  4. then, that evening I had a rehearsal/songwriting session with one of my bands

A big, big day, full of great stuff, but one that I would ordinarily be running out of steam at about the halfway point of. And then going to bed wishing I could have gotten more done.

Not today though. This was a life-changing day.

My Life-Changing Day

As Limitless Nootropics Focus hit my system and my first guitar lessons for the day began, I noticed myself feeling more engaged and energetic than usual. It felt like my brain was switching on.

First win for the day was when I was able to articulate to the students some complex theoretical concepts about jazz chord harmony in a digestible way. This was all on-the-fly, with me improvising a lesson based off a small comment a student had made.

Normally, I’d either have to plan this kind of lesson in advance, or there’d be a lot of “umm’ing” and “ahh’ing” as I try to articulate myself. This all came out fluently and I surprised myself with how precise I was.

As I wrapped up my lessons around midday, I took another Limitless Nootropics Focus capsule.

I had a big and boring task of writing a press release for my upcoming album and then sending personalised emails out to music media (radio, blogs, print media). This was around about 100 emails.

This kind of thing can take HOURS, and I don’t find it enjoyable at all, so I often find myself procrastinating and getting distracted.

This day was different. I was locked in and nothing could take my mind off the task.

The press release came naturally. Articulating an entire album’s themes and story in a couple of short paragraphs can be a difficult task at the best of times. This time, it felt like my brain was easily able to express everything in a coherent and engaging way. The press release was written in record time.

Next task was writing personalised emails to all the media figures I would be sending the album off to. This is a much more time-consuming task than you’d think, requiring research and tact.

Yet I found myself locked in like the Terminator and this task was done in record time. This campaign was by far my most successful one so far, and I can’t help but see a special little nootropic for focus playing a big part in that.

These were HUGE wins for me, and the day was only half done.

Taking Limitless Nootropics feels like bringing a hazy, foggy world into crystal clear focus

Then came the radio interview. I was speaking live on-air with a radio presenter and fielding all manner of questions about my new album.

This can be a nerve-wracking task at times. You don’t want to sound stupid to thousands and thousands of people. That day though, I had energy, confidence and presence.

I was able to quickly get personal with the host and gather my thoughts on the spot. No nerves at all. I came out of that interview with a huge new connection with that radio station, and a sense of pride that I was able to share a part of myself with the public.

I could have easily crashed and burned if my vibe was off. I was on.

Last thing on the agenda for the day was a rehearsal/songwriting session with one of my bands.

I took another capsule and drove over.

I was absolutely ON that night. We figured out the parts needed to finish 2 work-in-progress songs, and then came up with another 2 new song ideas whilst jamming. Musical ideas were flowing out of me faster than I could write them down.

Songwriting sessions and improvising with musicians requires absolute presence, a sense of abandonment and razor-sharp creativity, and that was all there in huge amounts.

We all high-fived as we packed up for the night and said goodbye, knowing that we’d just had one of our most productive sessions ever.

I went to sleep that night full of excitement at what was to come, knowing that I had absolutely CRUSHED that day.

If you think this was all a one-off, think again. I have countless other stories like this since bringing Limitless Nootropics into my life.

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Is Limitless Nootropics Safe?

scientists limitless nootropics is it safe

Limitless Nootropics review everything to make sure it’s 100% safe, having been lab-tested and verified for product purity and identity with clinically-researched ingredients.

They’ve chosen top scientists in fields of complex-systems modelling, neurobiology and organic chemistry. This means you’re getting the legit real deal.

The definition of nootropics was set by Dr. Corneliu Giurgea (the so-called “father of nootropics”) as having to be free of side effects to be considered a nootropic. Limitless Nootropics Focus is very safe, and this is scientifically-backed.

After regular use, I’m happy to report that I have personally experienced absolutely ZERO Limitless Nootropics side effects.

With all that said though, don’t be an idiot and just go take a bunch at once in the hopes that you’ll get superpowers or something. Your body can only process so much at once, so you’ll just be wasting your capsules. Space them out.

If you go doing dumb stuff like exceeding the recommended dose then don’t be surprised if you feel nauseous or something like that. Taking anything in excess, even if it’s “healthy”, can have that kind of effect, no matter how safe it is.

Also consult with your doctor if you’re pregnant. It might be safe, but 100% follow your doctor’s advice here.

Just use your common sense and you’ll be reaping the endless benefits.

Where to Buy Limitless Nootropics

limitless nootropics where to buy

Go straight to the source, always. The Limitless Nootropics website is the cheapest place to get it, and going direct to them ensures that you aren’t getting a fake version of it from somewhere like Amazon.

And feel free to drop in my discount code at checkout for 10% offevery single time – when you go through this link.

My discount code is:


Better yet, like I said earlier, buy in bulk to save even more money. Buying 4 bottles so you have a long-term supply with my discount code saves you over $100!

Buy in bulk now to save yourself in the long-term.

Back to fakes on Amazon – you don’t know what are in these fakes. They’ve taken the label and bottle design and made a cheaper and nastier alternative. These aren’t controlled or verified, so you’re really just putting yourself at risk there and not even getting what you actually think you’ve paid for.

limitlessnootropics.com is the place to buy the legit thing. Go there.

Check Limitless Nootropics Price!

Limitless Nootropics Ingredients

dmae bitartrate
DMAE L-Bitartrate – safe and proven and the real star of the show

Limitless Nootropics review every ingredient they put in their formulation for maximum effectiveness, and they’ve settled on a combination of 8 clinically-researched ingredients.

What you get in every Limitless Nootropics capsule is exactly this:

Active IngredientScientifically Proven benefit
DMAE L-BitartrateImproves brain function, memory, focus, mood and sleep
CaffeineJust enough to give an energy boost without the crash
Barley ExtractBoosts energy and mood, improves concentration, reduces stress
Schisandra ExtractSupports nerve health and improves the neurological system
Bitter Orange ExtractBoosts energy
Vitamin B1, B6 & B12Improves brain health and prevents brain deterioration
TaurineReduces stress and supports the nervous system
GlycansImproves memory and brain function

Limitless Nootropics is GMP Quality Assured to ensure it has maximum potency and effectiveness. Everything in here is scientifically-formulated for maximum results and effectiveness.

All in just 1 easy to swallow capsule.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not gonna go and blow a bunch of money buying 8 different bags/bottles of things, then have to measure them all out perfectly and then swallow them every single day of my life. That costs way more and takes more effort. Limitless Nootropics makes it so easy and cheap.

The real star of the show here is DMAE L-Bitartrate. Don’t be intimidated by the name, this is a compound that’s naturally produced in the body. It plays a big role in all of our vital brain functions.

That being said, our brains only have it in small quantities, which is where supplementing it to boost its levels above average can have a powerful impact and give you an advantage over everybody else.

Studies have shown that supplementing DMAE L-Bitartrate:

  • improves focus (even having positive effects on the more extreme end with ADHD patients!)
  • improves memory (having a positive impact even on Alzheimer’s and dementia patients!)
  • boosts mood and lowers depression
  • boosts athletic performance
  • even has anti-aging effects

That’s all just in 1 ingredient too! You get 7 more powerful ingredients on top of that. All of this makes it one of the best nootropics for focus and creativity.

How Long for Limitless Nootropics to Work? Straight Away!

I’ve found that Limitless Nootropics Focus has an almost immediate effect on me. I notice results within 20 minutes.

I felt this from day 1.

It really feels like you’re taking a blurry, hazy, out-of-focus image and turning it into a super HD crystal clear image.

Everything seems more vibrant and it’s like you can think clearly without all the background noise of your daily life interrupting it.

It’s like being the Terminator in some ways. You laser in on a task and just get it done.

It also boosts your mood in a similar way to the glow-up you get after an intense workout (once you’ve caught your breath and refuelled of course). All your energy is free-flowing and you feel alive.

This is such a weapon to have in your arsenal. You can take your Limitless Nootropics Focus before anything important you have to do that day and you just know that you’ll put your best foot forward and conquer the task at hand.

Mind Lab Pro and Maca powder are two other nootropics/supplements that come to mind that have a similar fast impact. I talk about Mind Lab Pro here and Maca powder here. Don’t hesitate to get those too if you want to be practically superhuman.

Limitless Nootropics combined with those 2 will make you unstoppable.

How Long Does Limitless Nootropics Last? The Whole Day!

Limitless Nootropics Focus lasts the whole damn day for me.

Having a smart dosage system and timing when you take it correctly will help this happen, but even just 1 in the morning has effects that last the whole day.

It’s very gentle on your system, with no peak and crash rollercoaster that you get with other nootropics.

You’ll feel a consistent good state when taking it.

I also just feel like Limitless Nootropics has done something that has made a positive change to my whole being that lasts even when not taking it. It’s like the positive effects become stronger and more amplified with time.

You’ll find that you’ll be taking such positive actions and getting such huge growth and progress when you’re on it, that your self-esteem and self-belief will start skyrocketing.

That’s really the beauty of all of this. It rewrites narratives that you have about yourself.

Maybe you came here because you have ideas about yourself that you’re “lazy” because you can’t focus. It might be a source of pain or anxiety for you.

But once you start seeing that you are fully capable of locking in on a task for an extended period of time and getting stuff done, you’ll be able to shed that baggage that eats away at your soul – for good.

You’ll start naturally taking positive actions because you see yourself as someone that takes action and is present and engaged with life.

And it won’t even feel hard to do that. It will come completely naturally to you.

The Best Limitless Nootropics Dosage for Maximum Results

best nootropic for focus

Copy my exact formula for getting the most out of Limitless Nootropics Focus. They recommend anywhere from 1-3 capsules a day.

Some people have reported taking up to 4 a day for even stronger results, although I haven’t tried this yet (if you do, then report back with your results in the comments down below!).

My most powerful dosage is:

  • 1 capsule first thing in the morning – about 15-20 minutes BEFORE breakfast
  • another 1 capsule just before midday – about 2-3 hours after the first dose
  • then 1 more in the mid-to-late afternoon – after lunch, but before dinner

That’s 3 capsules a day all up, and I can vouch for it having a big impact on my ability to get stuff done for the rest of the day.

This gives you a sustained amount of it in your system throughout the day to maximize your energy, focus and creativity.

Taking 1 capsule in a day is great and you will feel good effects from that, but taking 3 a day is life-changing.

Like I said, some people have had some killer results with 4 a day, but please ease into that dose to begin with. Try 2-3 at first, and if all seems good, then try 4.

Limitless Nootropics is scientifically-proven to be safe, but still, I wouldn’t go any further than 4. While it may not hurt you, you’re likely wasting your money taking more than 4 a day.

And how to take Limitless Nootropics? Well they’re capsules, so all you have to do is take 1, shove it right in your mouth, then gulp down a big juicy glass of water. Hydration is KING.

Don’t Take Your Limitless Nootropics with Coffee!

This Limitless Nootropics review wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t talk about this.

I go in-depth on this topic in this article here, so definitely go check that out, but you don’t want to take your supplements at the same time as drinking coffee.

Caffeine negatively affects nutrient absorption. [R] To avoid this, you want to take nootropics at a different time to ingesting caffeine.

Your nootropics will still have a positive effect if taken with caffeine (you will still feel the effects), but the effects won’t be as intense as they could be if you were a bit more strategic about it.

Yes, Limitless Nootropics does contain a small amount of caffeine, but this is only a small fraction of what’s in a cup of coffee – nowhere even near the level needed to affect nutrient absorption.

My recommendation is to definitely take Limitless Nootropics Focus before drinking your coffee.

Or if you’re too eager for that caffeine hit, then just make sure to wait until roughly around an hour after drinking your delicious coffee to take it. That way you can be sure that you’re getting the full power.

Check Limitless Nootropics Price!

In Conclusion

limitless nootropics focus review

And now we’re at the end of my Limitless Nootropics review. Man, what an impact Limitless Nootropics has had.

I’ve fundamentally changed who I am as a person since starting to take it. I find myself functioning at an all-time high and setting personal bests in every facet of life.

In the past, my concentration would wane and I’d struggle to intensely focus on tasks. Then I went down the Google rabbit-hole searching for the best nootropics for focus.

That search lead to my discovery of Limitless Nootropics and life hasn’t been the same since.

Brain fog – goodbye

Laser-sharp focus, effortless creativity, amazing mood and consistent energy – welcome

I firmly believe that every single creative type in the world will feel the benefits from what’s marketed as a nootropic for focus. But not just that, I know everyone can benefit from this. It improves the literal engine that’s steering our whole ship (our brain), so the positive effects are universal.

If you ever dream of finding a cheat code for life that gives you an advantage over the competition, then here you go.

Their money-back guarantee makes it impossible for you to lose. Get results or get a hassle-free refund!

Head to this link: limitlessnootropics.com and use my discount code to get 10% off for yourself:


Try this out and leave your own Limitless Nootropics review experience in those comments (or feel free to catch me on email if that’s the way you like to roll). I’m always keen to hear from you all and uplift each other to become the best versions of ourselves.

Be bold

Limitless Nootropics Focus




  • intense focus & concentration
  • sharp mental clarity
  • smoothly boosts energy levels
  • amplifies motivation & drive
  • skyrocket creativity

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