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6 Best Supplements for Creativity in 2024 (+ Nootropics) – 10x Your Inner Growth!

best supplements for creativity

One of my biggest passions is inner growth, so I’m excited to share with you the best supplements for creativity that I’ve come across in over 5 years of consistent trial and error. Supplements could be the thing to unlock your full creative power – they’ve completely changed my life!

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These are great supplements for musicians (the biggest rockstars out there would do better if they ditched the drugs for these!), but this article is for all creative types in general. They’ll help boost your ability to think creatively and outside of the box.

Want to save time and just get one supplement that combines the power of all of the ones mentioned in this article?

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Have you ever experienced…

  • brain fog?
  • low energy & fatigue?
  • lack of motivation?
  • self-doubt & anxiety?

I’ve been there and I know how helpless it can feel. You know that things could be better, but you don’t know what to do to fix it.

We can even be so deep in it that we become used to it and think this is a normal way to live. I’m glad to tell you that it absolutely isn’t normal and we can fix it!

You’ll be exploding with ideas in no time

I used to feel tired and lethargic all the time, with constant brain fog. This made it extremely difficult to ignite that creative spark and work on my passions (music!).

If you boost creativity, you boost the literal lifeforce that allows you to create art, so of course we should all be maximising our ability to do that.

Sadly, we’re often prone to neglecting our health, leading to nutritional deficiencies.

For me, I find that I can get so deep in creative zones in my music studio that I forget to eat (or get to sleep at a decent hour) because I’m so fixated on what I’m working on. Over time, this caught up with me and lead to a lot of things that killed that artistic drive.

The good news is that I got out of this – and you can too!

Most people aren’t addressing these things, so by taking some key supplements you can overtake the competition and become the artist that other people aspire to be.

I’m here to share the exact things that have worked (hand-tested by yours truly), plus a couple of bonus nootropics that may be the next big thing in unlocking that creative animal inside of you.

I’m also excited to share my little secret, Mind Lab Pro, that combines all the benefits of the supplements below in one hit. This thing has changed my life, so get excited to read about that!

Here’s a handy cheat sheet and I’ll see you down below to explain the benefits…

Mind Lab Pro-all-in-one solution
-supercharges creativity to a large degree
-boosts overall mood and wellbeing
-energy boost to conquer your day
Greens Powder-remove brain fog/mental clarity & focus
-quicker to access creativity
-improve overall wellbeing
Maca Powder-big increase in energy & drive to work on creative projects
-mood booster
-less self-doubt about your art
Cordyceps-energy booster
-access creative flow states quicker
-access deeper parts of yourself to explore in your art
Zinc-increased drive to work on art
-confidence boost & more self-belief in your talents
Vitamin D-happiness booster that creates a positive loop during the creative process
-decreased anxiety & self-doubt
Protein Powder-drive & determination boost
-confidence & inner strength boost

Mind Lab Pro – Universal Nootropic for Creativity

mind lab pro nootropic for creativity
A life-changer

I’m gonna get right down to business. The good news is that you don’t have to buy all of the ingredients I’m about to talk about individually.

This is the most powerful supplement for creativity on this list, which is why I can’t help but put this before the list begins. This is your cheat code for life.

I’m letting you in on a secret that 99.9% of the competition out there don’t know about. Ready?

Here is my little secret superpower – this thing has changed my life:

Mind Lab Pro includes all of the individual nootropics listed above, plus more (11 to be exact – this is known as a “universal nootropic”).

Read my deep dive on Mind Lab Pro right HERE

Mind Lab Pro is a “whole-brain optimiser” to “support a state of peak overall mental performance“. Like many nootropics, it targets creativity and abstract thinking, focus, memory and mental clarity, all of which are vital elements needed to be functioning at your creative peak.

I’m notoriously skeptical when it comes to hype in the health industry, but this one is so so legit. It’s considered one of the best nootropic stacks for creativity out there, and is backed by science and literally thousands upon thousands of positive user reviews.

My Experience

Taking Mind Lab Pro feels a bit like sailing through a vivid world of imagination after living in a fog

I’ve been using Mind Lab Pro for the last 6 months and this thing has changed my life!

The best part is that you feel the effects almost immediately, and it lasts all day long.

Within just 30 minutes of taking it, I experienced a surge of creativity. That day, I had one of my most successful songwriting sessions to that date, and it’s only gotten better and better from there. You can read all about that day in my full review of Mind Lab Pro here.

I’ve unlocked new levels and layers to myself and my creative pursuits that I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.

6 months on, I feel like a different person. I feel alert and alive. My confidence and happiness levels have sky-rocketed. I create with absolute ease. The effects of Mind Lab Pro increase over time, so it’s been an absolute god-send.

Check Mind Lab Pro Price!

A big, big tick with Mind Lab Pro is that it’s 100% all-natural ingredients, and contains no stimulants or additives. They’ve been strict on only including 100% legal, evidence-backed nootropics.

This is another big tick in the safety box, considering it’s such a clean formula and has been shown to be very well-tolerated in multiple studies now (scientific studies are very important for things like this!). [R] In fact, it’s backed as being the “world’s cleanest nootropic supplement”. [R]

I like living a clean lifestyle, with natural ingredients that are free of chemical substances, so for that very reason, this is the first nootropic that I would recommend to try to boost creativity.

Getting that mental edge in your creative work can be the difference between finishing a great song and sharing it with the world, or just putting it in the to-do pile forever and never knowing what could have been. This is that mental edge.

Don’t sleep on this cheat code for life and let the competition pass you by. Go grab some RIGHT HERE and start a revolution.

Go read my full report on Mind Lab Pro for all the juicy details. If you’ve also tried this, then let us know your experience in the comments down below!

Now, onto the rest of the list…

The 6 Best Supplements for Creativity (My Results!)

1. Greens Powder – Kick Brain Fog to the Curb

vital all in one greens powder

Aside from Mind Lab Pro and other nootropics, this is the absolute first place that I would address to start getting your health and creativity absolutely rock-solid. This literally changed my life.

Greens powders are basically powdered vegetables, fruits and herbs. This will fill in a lot of nutritional gaps that you currently have and create an amazing foundation of wellbeing that will allow you to create with ease.

There are a few different greens powders out there that I’ve tried, but easily the best I’ve found is Vital All-In-One Greens Powder. I started using it about 3 years ago and the best thing about this powder is that you feel the results almost instantly. You’re literally putting straight nutrients directly into your body and your body thanks you for it immediately.

It’s incredibly comprehensive and one serve alone contains 78 ingredients loaded with vitamins, minerals, and a bunch of other cool-sounding nutritional buzzwords.

The main thing is that many of the ingredients in it are basically impossible to get from your diet alone, which makes this a powerful thing to add to your daily creativity-boosting arsenal.

My Experience

You’ll be ready to take on the world

When I take it, it feels like every cell in my body has come alive and is functioning at its PEAK – I literally feel like I’m glowing from the inside-out – and I sort of am, in a way (my skin became crystal clear very quickly).

The biggest benefit was that I had MASSIVE brain fog for YEARS and this amazing powder went a long way to removing that from my life.

Check Current Price!

Whenever I stop taking it, I instantly feel a difference. That hazy brain fog starts to re-emerge and it becomes harder to get into a musical flow state. As soon as I take it again, that disappears.

Personally, because it’s so powerful, I’d consider this to be the best supplement for creativity that I’ve come across. If you only decide to incorporate one thing from this article, then it should be this one. Absolutely essential, and I will take this for the rest of my life.

2. Maca Powder – Ignite Your Fire

This one is like ROCKET FUEL. Maca powder comes from the maca root vegetable, which is grown at very high altitudes in the Andes mountain ranges in Peru.

I FIRMLY believe that this is one of the best supplements for creativity that you’ll find.

This little superfood has been scientifically proven to be safe (it’s 100% natural) with no side effects for 99% of people (the 1% is if you have thyroid problems – avoid this, if so), and has some amazing health benefits.

It has been scientifically proven to increase energy and sports performance. [R] It boosts your mood by reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety. [R] It improves brain function, memory and learning. [R] The famous one is that it has a positive effect on your hormones, which increases libido.

All of these things combined create a SURGE of energy in your body that you can put directly into creating your art. It will get your brain functioning at a higher level and allow the flow of ideas to start flooding out, with less of the self-doubt that interrupts that process.

My Experience

I felt like I found a cheat code for life when I discovered this.

It takes a little while for you to build up enough of it in your body to start reaping the rewards (this is only about a week or two), but once you do, you feel like you’re living on a higher plane of existence. It makes me want to go out and conquer, and that’s what I have done.

Check Current Price!

I started creating music at a higher quality than I’d ever seen before. I had an album that I was working on that had grinded to a halt halfway through. After introducing myself to maca, I was able to rapidly finish this album. My fitness and workout performance shot right up, and my social and dating life also improved enormously.

I was also able to completely overcome stage fright and performance anxiety with this!

Your confidence and self-belief will skyrocket

I felt more confident, more at ease with myself, and like a roaring fire had been lit inside of me. That fire still burns to this day.

Make Sure You Get Good Quality Maca

Maca powder can vary in quality, and there’s definitely some cheap and nasty sources of it.

Having tried different brands and sources myself, there’s an enormous variation in quality. The cheap, low-quality stuff is the biggest waste of money because it barely makes any difference. I remember how ripped-off I felt buying a whole bag of the stuff. Those companies are a pure scam.

The good quality stuff makes you feel absolutely superhuman.

  • To get a good quality one, you need to ensure that it’s 100% organic and sourced from Peru. There should be no other crap added to it, so you’re getting the purest possible maca.

Sketchy companies will add fillers to their products to make them taste better and bulk them out, which means you’re wasting money because you’re getting less total maca in the bag, while potentially adding harmful ingredients into your body as well. It’s like the difference between getting 100% orange juice vs “orange-flavoured drink”.

A good rule to follow to figure out if your maca is good quality or not is that the worse it tastes, and the more it makes you gag, the better. Sounds weird and unpleasant, but this stuff isn’t supposed to taste good! It’s a powdered root vegetable, not a chocolate cake.

People describe maca as tasting like “malt”, but those people actually have poor quality stuff with extra junk in there to make it palatable. You would not be saying that if you had the real deal.

How to Take Maca

Get yourself the pure stuff, and then add it to a smoothie with things like bananas, blueberries, mango, cinammon, and cacao powder to mask the taste of it (add some spinach too for a killer liquid nutrient powerhouse). I like to use 3 teaspoons of maca, but I’ve been taking it for years and you need to build up to that amount. Start with 1 teaspoon and build up slowly over the course of a month or two.

  • Pro-tip: like I said, maca is safe with no side effects, so if I have something important on (like a gig), then I’ll add an extra teaspoon for an extra kick

In a pinch, I’ll just mix together a scoop of protein powder with my maca and this makes it easy to drink. If you’re really brave, then feel free to chug it down by itself with just some water and pat yourself on the back for being tough as nails.

3. Cordyceps – Dive Deeper

cordyceps medicinal mushroom powder

Cordyceps is a powdered form of a mushroom (the non-psychedelic type!), and this is the next big thing in the world of health. Medicinal mushrooms have been used in Chinese culture for centuries, and now the western world is finally catching onto this trend.

There are a lot of different mushroom medicines that you can try that help with different things. Reishi (calm/mind relaxation), lion’s mane (brain/mood activation), turkey tail (gut/immune strength), chaga (antioxidant/immunity booster).

I’ve tried a few different mushroom supplements now, but for me the one that stands head-and-shoulders above the rest for boosting creativity is cordyceps.

It has some pretty incredible health benefits in general, but the most relevant one for us is that it reduces fatigue by boosting a molecule that delivers energy to the muscles. This improves the way the body uses oxygen, giving you more energetic reserves to pump into your creative projects. [R]

My Experience

Life becomes more rich and vivid

I find that when I take cordyceps, not only do I get an increase in energy, but I feel like I can tap into this deeper ocean of creation within myself. Life and art start feeling more like a spiritual experience. This is an incredible feeling to have just in general.

It’s similar to the feeling you get when meditating where you’re tapping into something higher than just your surface-level ego-self. Your ego is often the worst culprit for cutting off your creative flow, so doing things like meditating and taking supplements like cordyceps will help your ego take a backseat.

This is a HUGE win for your inner growth in general.

Check Current Price!

Yes, that sounds all hippy, but no, this isn’t the psychedelic mushroom! You will not trip on these, but I can understand why there might be confusion.

Cordyceps has been shown to be safe in the recommended quantities of 3-6mg, with no side effects reported! [R] They’ve been used for literally hundreds of years in Chinese culture, so that’s a pretty awesome case study as well.

The science says you’ll just safely increase your health, get all the cells in your body firing on all cylinders, and get your inner game on-point. Not bad at all.

4. Zinc – Lightning in a Bottle

zinc tablets

Zinc is such a crucial nutrient that we need to consume because our body doesn’t produce it by itself. It’s essential for many vital functions in your body, so you need to make sure you’re getting enough of it. [R]

This can be hard to achieve with diet alone, so it could be the missing link in getting your body and mind working together as a team.

My Experience

Supplementing with zinc has a similar effect on creativity that maca has. I started taking a zinc supplement about a year after I started taking maca, and boy oh boy, those 2 together were like lightning in a bottle. All of the effects of maca were heightened and lead to the most explosive period of growth in my life.

I became an absolute creativity machine, starting a music degree, starting a new band, and writing an album’s worth of songs for that band in a mere matter of weeks. Beyond that, my confidence grew and grew like wildfire. My ability to be a leader and just get things going in life were fully unlocked.

Check Current Price!

This was a major level-up, with major thanks to zinc. Zinc is also awesome for your immune system, and I rarely ever get sick now (maybe once a year max – I haven’t been sick in almost two years at this point).

You’ll be an unstoppable creativity machine

P.S. make sure not to overdo it with the amount you take. Your body 100% needs it, but it doesn’t need too much (the upper daily safe limit is 40mg [R]). This is not a more = better kind of supplement.

There’s sketchy companies out there that include WAY beyond the recommended daily dose. I take one zinc tablet a day, which works out to be 30mg. This seems to be the optimal amount for me and you definitely feel a great boost, while keeping it at a safe level.

Steer way way clear of brands that have more than around 30mg per tablet (I’ve seen brands that go up to 100mg per tablet, which is just insane and can do damage to your health). Look for well-trusted, safe sources.

But as I said, do your own research. A great idea would be downloading Cronometer and working out how much zinc you’re naturally getting in your diet at the moment (more on this step at the end of the article).

Many people ARE deficient in zinc (my diet alone without supplementing zinc only provides about a third of what I need daily, and I have a nutritious diet, with no junk foods), but it’s best to work your optimal amount out first to get the most out of this amazing supplement.

5. Vitamin D – Create Joyous Moments

vitamin d capsules

Vitamin D is so crucial for creatives because we often spend a lot of time indoors working on our art. We get some vitamin D in foods, but a lot of it comes from the sun.

Lack of vitamin D has been linked to depression and anxiety. [R] Does anyone else get a little bit down in winter? Turns out that often this is due to a vitamin D deficiency from a lack of sun exposure.

My Experience

You create joyous moments between yourself and your art

Once I started taking a vitamin D supplement, I found that not only was my creativity getting a boost, but my mood was improving rapidly as well. This created a feeling of optimism within me and pulled me out of a rut that I was in.

From that optimistic place, it becomes significantly easier to create. Music is a joyous thing and I find that it creates this positive loop if I’m in a good place mentally.

I come into a writing session with positive energy, so the music I naturally play reflects that state. That amps me up further and then I continue feeding that energy back into the music, and the music keeps getting better. At that point it’s an unstoppable cycle.

I can get sucked into this creative vortex for hours and hours on end when this happens. Vitamin D helps me come into writing sessions with that good energy to create joyous experiences that inspire me to keep creating.

Check Current Price!

Get your mood and happiness levels up, and you’ll find you have more energy to pump into all of your creative projects.

6. Protein Powder – Bust Through Creative Blocks

protein powder

Seeing protein on this list may be a bit of a surprise to you, but it creates the literal building blocks for your physical body. Your physical body directly affects your mind and emotional state, so you should not neglect this important macronutrient. [R]

  • Important note: protein is absolutely NOT just for bodybuilders and fitness junkies. Everybody needs protein to live, so being deficient in it is a recipe for a lacklustre life.

My Experience

I found that when I increased my protein intake, my drive and motivation increased dramatically. My body and mind feel stronger, I sleep better, and I have significantly more energy (no more afternoon slumps, I’ve found!).

It was quite a dramatic difference in such a short amount of time, so it made me shocked that this isn’t talked about more as a general health supplement. The non-weightlifting crowd could benefit massively from this knowledge. For the weightlifting crowd, combine this with creatine for wild results.

Check Current Price!

I use a plant-based protein powder because protein from dairy (whey & casein) can be tough on the stomach. A lot of the physical sensations of anxiety can be directly related to digestion and stomach issues, rather than being purely emotional (and sometimes not, too! Get support if you need it).

These uncomfortable feelings can fill you with self-doubt when you’re trying to be creative. Questioning every creative decision you’re making while you’re doing it will directly cut off the flow you’re in. Having bad ideas is just as important to the creative process as having good ideas!

How Much Protein Do I Need?

You’ll be ready to tackle anything that gets in your way

Because we get so absorbed in our creative projects and maybe cut corners in our diet, it’s easy to be deficient in protein (in fact, most people are). There’s a lot of confusion and controversy on the topic of how much you need, but it’s generally accepted that the minimum amount recommended by the FDA is far too low (I can definitely vouch for this, having been at their recommended amount for a long time).

Generally, around 80-120 grams a day is great to shoot for, but it will vary depending on height, weight, gender and your activity levels. Use this handy calculator to work out how much you need.

Don’t Take All Your Protein At Once!

You also want to make sure that you spread out your protein intake throughout the day because your body can only absorb about 25-35 grams at once. [R] This is somewhat disputed, but you definitely won’t be able to take in 120grams in 0ne go and get all the benefits.

Regardless of that, our main motivation for increasing protein intake is so that our body has enough fuel to get us through the day while we dive deep into our creative projects. Spacing it out will help this as we’ll have a regular source of quality energy every couple of hours.

The ideal situation I’ve found is spacing protein intake out into 20-30 gram servings every 2-3 hours. This ensures your body has a consistent energy source throughout the day.

Protein powder is great because it’s super convenient and allows you to top it up when you need it. You shouldn’t be completely reliant on it (eat a healthy balanced diet), but you can easily toss it into your morning oats for a nice 25 gram kick-start to your day (I love to do this to get the day started on the right foot). Less time needed to make extra meals or eat huge quantities of food = more time you can spend creating!

Try upping your protein intake and I’m sure your inner strength and drive to create will rapidly increase too. It certainly did for me.

Best Nootropics for Creativity

nootropics brain power

Nootropics are an emerging field that have steadily gained traction over the last few years. Also referred to as “cognitive enhancers”, they’re often a combination of supplements that work together.

If you’ve taken the supplements for creativity listed above and want to kick things even further up a notch, then nootropics may be something you’d be interested in looking into. If you’ve ever seen the movie Limitless with Bradley Cooper then that will give you a good idea of what nootropics aim to do.

Some examples of nootropics include:

That seems like a lot of things to buy, right? Well you’re in luck! The formulation for Mind Lab Pro that I talked about earlier in this article contains ALL of these ingredients, plus more.

Save yourself the time and just go and grab that right here.

Check Mind Lab Pro Price!

4 Bonus Supplements – Squeeze Out Some More Creative Juices!

I’m including these last because they may not have a direct impact on specific aspects of creativity like the other supplements for creativity do, but they will be complementary to the others and create the best possible foundation of health for you to create from.

Magnesium Chelate – Centre Yourself

Magnesium, particularly the chelated form of it, plays a big role in mood and overall brain function (among other things), so it’s great for alleviating symptoms of depression and anxiety. [R] The chelated form in particular is absorbed better than other forms of magnesium. [R] As we’ve discussed, depression and anxiety can wreak havoc on your drive to create.

I definitely feel a lot more grounded when I take it, and it will work synergistically with the other supplements.

Vitamin B Complex – Energise Yourself

Vitamin B is important for energy production. [R] It reduces stress and fatigue and boosts your mood. [R] You generally want to get a vitamin B complex, because it’s made up of 8 different B vitamins. You especially need to get vitamin B12 if you’re vegetarian/vegan as you cannot get it from just plant-based foods alone. [R]

Taking vitamin B gives me a good energy boost which makes it more likely that I’ll be able to get to work and get stuff done. More energy = less time procrastinating or tapping out from creative work before you’ve gotten into a solid flow state because you’re too tired to keep going.

Omega-3 – Brain Booster

omega 3 capsule

Omega-3 is important for brain health. As a result, this is a powerful nutrient for fighting depression and anxiety. In fact, studies have proven that those symptoms improve in people that are taking it, and one study in particular showed that it’s as effective against depression as anti-depressant drugs! [R] That’s an incredible finding.

This has a powerful impact on your levels of drive and confidence in the art that you’re producing. Including omega-3 in my routine has improved my overall sense of wellbeing – it has also improved my skin too (another great benefit!). [R]

Iron – Goodbye to Fatigue

Iron is important for red blood cells and carrying oxygen around our body. This plays a vital role in our energy levels and also our concentration. This has a MAJOR impact on our ability to get absorbed in the creative process.

Iron deficiency can be the cause of fatigue and brain fog for a lot of people, and many people are deficient in iron for years, without even realising it. [R]

It’s important that you only supplement with iron if you are deficient, as it can have an adverse effect on your health if you take it when you don’t need it. I will not be recommending a brand here for that reason.

Many people will find that they are deficient (vegans/vegetarians in particular), but you should absolutely go to the doctor and get your blood work done. Listen to the doctor’s advice on how much you should take/what iron supplement you should take, if you need it.

If you do need it, then you’ll find your quality of life dramatically improving.

Bonus Tip #1 – Take Your Supplements at the Right Time

Alright, so now you’ve got your supplements for creativity and you’re ready to reap those sweet rewards. This is an exciting time!

But you could literally be throwing money away if you don’t use them correctly.

For maximum effect, you want to take these supplements in a separate window of time to drinking coffee/caffeine. Caffeine negatively affects the absorption of nutrients into your body. [R]

A good rule of thumb is waiting an hour after drinking coffee to take your supplements. The longer, the better, but an hour has been proven to generally be long enough.

I like to drink a couple of cups of coffee a day, so the way I do it is:

  • Wake up – have my morning coffee
  • 1-2 hours later – take my supplements
  • 1-2 hours after that – have my second cup of coffee
  • after that I’ll take my second dose of Mind Lab Pro to supercharge the rest of the day

I personally like the wake up that coffee gives me first thing in the morning, so doing it this way allows for maximum nutrient absorption.

Even better would be holding off on the coffee and having your supplements first (with breakfast – it’s best to take supplements with food!). That way you have zero caffeine in your body to interrupt nutrient absorption.

Make it work for you!

Bonus Tip #2 – Download Cronometer

It’s important that we have an understanding of the amount of nutrients that we’re getting from our diet alone before we start adding extras on top.

My favourite app for this purpose is Cronometer. You log your food in for the day and it tells you how many nutrients you’re getting, and what you’re deficient in.

This is also fantastic because it tracks how many calories you’re consuming. A lack of sufficient calories for the day will absolutely negatively impact your energy levels. So if you’re at a healthy weight, you want to be eating as close as possible to the number of calories you’re burning off in a day.

Going into a calorie deficit (rather than eating at calorie maintenance) means that your body is literally breaking down muscle and fat just to fuel itself.

I’m sure you can see why this process may make you tired!

This is also great because you can use this info to easily lose weight by burning off more calories than you consume. In fact, I’ve done that with this very app myself before!

It’s free to sign up and use, but the Gold subscription has an awesome feature where it suggests foods for you to hit your nutrient requirements. This is great because it saves you so much time researching and takes all the guesswork out of the equation for you. If that sounds like something you’re interested in, then use this link here to get 10% off of the Gold subscription.

It’s a great tool that I’ve used for a long time now and I’d love for other people to improve their health with it. It can be quite an eye-opening experience analysing the reality of your diet.

In Conclusion

There was such a dramatic difference in my life and my creativity had a big boost when I started including supplements in my daily routine. A lot of my low energy and brain fog vanished.

Brain fog was a real source of frustration for me. It’s not fun feeling like you’re living life in a haze. Taking these supplements, Mind Lab Pro, and combining them with meditation and some exercise was literally life-changing.

All of this creates a rock-solid foundation for yourself that you can then use to go forth and create from. You will feel such a drive to make your mark on the world. This will create a positive feedback loop and you will find that it’s easier to light up that creative part of your brain on command.

Try these things out and let me know if you’ve found any other good supplements for boosting creativity in the comments down below (you can also catch me on email if that’s more your kind of vibe)! I’m always on the hunt for the next thing to give me that extra advantage and would love to hear from you.

Let me know what you learned from this article and plan on incorporating, and chuck any questions down below and I’ll do my best to answer them too.

Be bold

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